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Louisiana Legislative Women's Caucus Foundation
 Call us at: 225-342-0334
Call for Available Sponsorship Opportunities 
2020 Women of Excellence Scholarships 
Sponsors and Donors
Supporters of the 
LLWC Foundation Scholarship Fund
LLWC Foundation Partner
Rep. Gregory A. Miller, District 56
Rep. Clay Schexnayder, District 81
Speaker, Louisiana House of Representatives
2020 Educational Advancement Opportunity (EAO) Scholarships 
Sen. Beth Mizell, District 12
President Pro-Tempore, Louisiana State Senate
Rep. Gabe Firment, District 22
Rep. Malinda White, District 75
Sen. Page Cortez, District 23
President, Louisiana State Senate
Rep. Paula Davis, District 69
Rep. Beau Beaullieu, District 48
Sen. Ronnie Johns, District 27
Rep. Jonathan Goudeau, District 31
Rep. Beau Beaullieu, District 48
Rep. Daryl A. Deshotel, District 28
Pearl Sponsor 
Louisiana Association for Justice 
sponsored through its sister non-profit entity 
Bayou Research Institute 
Friends of the LLWC
Educational Advancement Opportunity Scholarship Sponsor
Sen. Louie Bernard, District 31
Sen. Bret Allain, District 21
Rep. Chad Brown, District 60
Rep. Kathy Edmonston, District 88
Ginger Adam Corley 
Sen. Fred Mills, District 22
Rep. Barbara Carpenter, District 63
Sen. Sharon Hewitt, District 1
Rep. Valarie Hodges, District 64
Rep. Larry Frieman, District 74
Rep. Candace N. Newell, District 99
Rep. Mike Huval, District 46
Sen. Heather Cloud, District 28
Rep. Reggie Bagala, District 54
Rep. Mary DuBuisson, District 90